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The FACE Corp Martial Arts League


While the pandemic has hindered progress for the past year, it is with great pride that we now share the exciting news that we have launched our Martial Arts League, allowing students to learn martial arts, stay healthy and experience so much more.  This groundbreaking initiative is long overdue and becoming a big game changer.


   Benefits to the Students, communities and School Districts:

  • A strong anti-bullying message sent across the school community;

  • Development of self-esteem, character, responsibility;

  • Instilling self-confidence;

  • Improving physical fitness (including the combatting of the effects of COVID);

  • Support of high academic performance;

  • Optimization of school climate;

  • Stress Reduction/mental health management


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  The FACE Corp Academic Martial Arts League Goals:

  1. Set up training sessions at various sites;

  2. Implement specific Guidelines for Participation; 

  3. Implement Safety Standards (including COVID-19) for various activities;

  4. Implement a Tutoring & Mentoring Program – Organize community service projects and collaborative academic enrichment activities;

  5. Devise a Rewards System, providing Prizes, Scholarships and Publicity;

  6. Host Intra-League and Invitational Tournaments with awards given; 

  7. Incorporate Tournament Travel Team Guidelines;

  8. Provide Presentations/Demonstrations for local events, school assemblies (outdoor and virtual), etc.;

  9. Provide Employment for Team Members in Leadership;  

  10.  Devise a great PR Campaign utilizing local and wider media outlets;

  11.  Receive ongoing local, regional and national sponsorship;

  12.  Identify and secure Grant Funding;

  13.  Host Awards Ceremonies, Fundraising Events and Socials; 

  14.  Grow the League - Replicate it regionally and nationally.


*The concept of “Goshu-Kwan” is that we weather our greatest storms together, with individual responsibility and team effort combined.

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