Martial Arts

A mixed "Neo-Traditional" style, MajiKai Dojo's System of Goshu-Kwan incorporates the most sensible, meticulous, instinctive, and comprehensively crafted and tested methods of martial arts ingenuity, character building and development of inner strength. We believe in the power of rhythm, music and free flowing movement to elevate the individual to greater heights of battle skill and artistic expression. We seek to instill pride in the warrior way and to promote understanding of- and respect for- the code of honor. Ages 3 and up are benefiting from our training. Come join them! 

The Martial Arts Functional Fitness (MAFF) Course: This training is a modified version of the Cardio Kicking, with focus on every day functioning and improving your chances of optimal on the job performance and a more personalized charting of progress. 

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Music - Guitar Lessons


Here at Face Corp/ PAL , we take great pride in providing the youth with guitar lessons. Music allows individuals to focus and to learn in new ways. 

House Jam Cardio!

Cardio Workout unlike any other! Do you think you can keep up? Visit us today to sign up for our exciting Cardio Program! 

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